• Let's Play Minecraft - Episode 92 - Iron Golem

    Let's Play: Let's Play Minecraft - Episode 92 - Iron Golem

    The Achievement Hunter crew is back with Let's Play in Minecraft. In this week's episode they play "Iron Golem."

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Comments (94)

  • MrConall


    1 year ago

    Wow what a downer at the end haha

  • SomeKindofCaveDemon


    1 year ago

    This somehow wasn't a Let's Fail?!

  • ujustgtsrged


    1 year ago

    to the people saying gold swords do 4 damage. They also swing twice as fast so do 8 damage in the time diamond does 7

  • MatthewMcgi1


    1 year ago

    where did you get this idea?

  • GhostRay


    1 year ago

    were the fuck is 93

  • MKaelthas


    1 year ago

    you guys are still the funniest.

  • Jazzo


    1 year ago

    Even after this finished recording, I bet the conversation they would have had about the ending would have been awesome to listen in on haha!

  • Angel0fD3th


    1 year ago

    Spent this whole video anticipating an epic battle once a golem was created, but the hype made me laugh till my stomach hurt once the guys realized they didn't fight back!

  • MadsChap


    1 year ago

    I like how at the end the Golem was trying to get into Ryan's House

  • ZacharyDeHov


    1 year ago

    30:24 aqua teen hunger force reference!!! number 1 in da hood g