• Let's Play Saints Row The Third With Geoff & Michael - Part 10

    Let's Play: Let's Play Saints Row The Third With Geoff & Michael - Part 10

    Watch Geoff and Michael demonstrate the value of teamwork, friendship, and a good punch in the dick as they Let's Play Saints Row The Third. If you liked this video, leave a comment and let us know.

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Comments (77)

  • Giffy


    1 year ago

    You know why I would join the Saints? Because if you join the saints you are about 80% less likely to get murdered by the Saints.

  • noobody77


    2 years ago

    They don't even know that Burt Fucking Reynolds is the mayor.

  • wriastwraith


    2 years ago

    Family organization where the leaders run over, kill and beat up their subordinates while laughing. Typical family I guess.

  • ZebbraFries


    2 years ago

    2:13 "Excuse me sir, boop, I believe there's a dick in your pants. Boop." ~Geoff
    One of the funniest things said ever. Of all time.

  • pappy5


    3 years ago

    relationships suck, lets play does not .

  • muffins145


    3 years ago

    they broke the laws of physics at 9:47

  • Rejvik


    3 years ago

    Geoff makes me hungry talking about his kick-a$$ prime rib...

  • WarpathFTW94


    3 years ago


  • WarpathFTW94


    3 years ago

    24:08 TANK!

  • shellyburge1


    3 years ago

    After watching all of these I had to go buy Saints Row The Third.
    For the dick punching mayhem, it was totally worth the money.