• Things to do in: GTA IV - The Blender

    Things to do in: Things to do in: GTA IV - The Blender

    Gav and Geoff show you a slightly different way to travel the city. Make sure to fire that gun!

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Comments (62)

  • HAKURU_15


    2 years ago

    just did it :D

  • KlugeKrake


    3 years ago

    I love how since they said no single person in the world can do it, Every singe person is trying to do it

  • shadow_step


    3 years ago

    Well you can do it by yourself but its hard

  • DevilsFury


    3 years ago

    I see what you did there. No 'single' person in the world. You guys worked as a team.

  • AeroQC


    3 years ago

    Anyone else getting tired of the "Logistics" UPS Commercial.

  • WKYA101


    3 years ago

    they're spinning and giggles are priceless xD

  • ToDamnHappy1


    3 years ago

    I was invited to my friends house not knowing how to play did it my first try

  • TrevorLloyd


    3 years ago

    I did it on my first try.

  • matsta117


    3 years ago

    just to let every 1 know I just did it =P like a boss

  • Strelok911


    3 years ago

    My face hurts from laughing. Damn good video, guys.