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Comments (30)

  • JamesJupiter


    3 years ago

    FIFA + Mario Strikers = FIFA Street

  • kaybkg14


    3 years ago

    It´s the fourth fifa street! :( sadly there´s no fourth nba street

  • cubsfan05


    3 years ago

    i'll stick with real FIFA i think
    i'm all about pass and move anyway

  • yourdeadwolf


    3 years ago

    FIFA street 4

  • sm0kinyoface


    3 years ago

    well... time to dust of ye old broken beerbottle...

  • joerilolz2


    3 years ago

    Welkom in Amsterdam :P

  • BigbEC


    3 years ago

    Some guy is going insane on the youtube version of this video.

  • JHYW


    3 years ago

    Etymology time! Football/Soccer used to be known (on both sides of the Atlantic) as Association Football. No idea why. Then, depending on where you lived, either "association" got dropped, leaving "football", or "football" did, leaving "assoc", which became "soccer".

  • fansince2010

    fansince2010 NICE HAIR THOUGH

    3 years ago

    You used a hockey term as a clearly defined example! :')

  • Visigoth


    3 years ago

    Yeah, it is, in most places. Here in the US, and in a few other areas, it's called soccer. There's a reason for that, but most elitist pricks are too stupid to even bother researching why.

    Anyway, good video.