Need Help if anybody reads my Journals

4 years ago

Computer got a virus called Security Tool or something along those lines. Looked up on how to remove it on another computer because it won't let any programs run on that computer. Wanted to know if this site could be trusted or if anybody had any advice on how to remove this virus.

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  • ThexMerchant


    3 years ago

    If that doesn't work you'll probably have to back up the data that is either most important to you or uncorrupted if you have a flash drive or external hard drive big enough to hold it all.

    I've never had to deal with that certain program, but if it acts like ones that I have tangled with, then you could download anti-malware, spyware, and virus removers from From there you can download programs like Comodo AV, one of the best free AV programs, and will most of the time allow you to delete the rogue program, if not then you can just cut off the program being able to spread.

    Which buys you time to remove all essential data from one computer to another and then you can wipe the infected system. Though some Trojans and rs can survive a computer wipe and come back to reinfect the system, if that happens you'll have to nuke the hard drive, completely removing all information on the hard drive. It's annoying to do so but the info given to you by myself and Tufty should do the trick.

  • Tufty94


    4 years ago

    Try this: smiley1.gif

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