RTOZ 2011

3 years ago

For anyone interested, here's a little run down of what my weekend was like.

To start off, you should know I was also working on my own project Red Undead which is no walk in the park.

- Met up with Caiti on Friday afternoon so she could speak to the Siren Visual guys (I set up my booth).
- Dropped off Caiti and Beau to the park so they could set up.
- Drove Justin to pick up BBQ stuff and drinks.
- Enjoyed a refreshing beer (thanks Beau)
- Drove back to the shops with Ainsley for more food (there was quite a big turn out).
- Helped keep things clean around the bbq and the park (cut finger on broken bottle).
- At Crown Casino, made sure Hunter from the US got a huge Long Island for his B'day.
- Guided Burnie to potential Black Jack tables in Crown.
FOOD EATEN = 1 sausage

- Booth all day.
- The bonus was when I sent my team to get a photo with Burnie, he was awesome enough to sign a magnet for me too.


- Quickly packed down to make it back to hotel.
- Rain was a bitch (cabbed it into King Pin) so was a little late (and exhausted).
- Listened in on the end of Caiti's briefing.
- Set up banners.
- Had a few drinks and met a few people.
- Sat on registration table with Treb to replace Rhianna (waited for 3 no shows).
- Bartenders were super friendly (too friendly!).
- Scenes missing - but undoubtedly awesome fun.
FOOD EATEN = 1 McChicken (lunch), 1 cocktail weiner, 1 wedge

Here's a dew photos of the friendly bar staff:

Squashed frogs

Energy restored. FUN times to the maximum!!

So was there a moral to this story? Yes, there is. A few in fact:
- RooTeeth/RTOZ staff are bloody hard workers.
- Shots are not the best idea when you're exhausted.
- RooTeeth/RTOZ staff know how to party!

Comments (3)

  • OutbackOtaku


    3 years ago

    it was an awesome weekend. I think i actually drank morte than i usually do and i still didn't get drunk(thank fuck for that!), but i got to meet awesome people so thats enough for me

  • Strutter


    3 years ago

    Yeah dude, those shots were freakin' tough!

    • red_design


      3 years ago

      i only got you a bicardi and charteuse shot. i had the absinthe for you