New Year's Resolution

3 years ago

Do you have one yet? I'm still mulling mine over.

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  • coolkranx


    1 year ago

    100% a game

  • nickst7719


    3 years ago

    I'm still choosing

  • invertedcoma


    3 years ago

    Quit smoking.

    Finish my sleeve.

  • DrunkRachel


    3 years ago


  • syswhocares


    3 years ago

    I have made a few resolutions.

    1. stop stealing my neighbors wi-fi(i think hes wising up to me)
    2. run through mcdonalds naked yelling, "I am the other white meat!"
    3. for my senior prank slash all the school busses tires, steal the keys, throw the keys on the roof of the elementary school and write a little riddle on where the keys are.
    4. punch a whale
    5. give geoff $100 for being awesome!
    6. dont do any of my resolutions.(well maybe one...)

  • flipster259


    3 years ago

    mine is to make a new new years resolution for another 10 years and then i'll apply for roosterteeth

  • GhostBasix


    3 years ago

    1 (and only): Refrain from committing a mass homicide.. so far i'm going pretty well ;)

  • blackvault97


    3 years ago

    give you guys a easter egg, go on ridge line on the anniversary maps, find the ammo box at the edge of the map and hit it, out comes a squeaky toy, hit it and it squeaks!

  • squall_born


    3 years ago

    My fall back is try not to divide by 0.

  • rogueJ


    3 years ago

    As of today I can officially say that my resolution is not going to make for the rest of the year. Im a failure!