Got questions?

3 years ago

Because it has been about a year since the last one of these I thought I would do another "Ask Me Questions" journal. If I get a bunch (more than 15) I will just make a video of them.

Ask away!

Making video this weekend

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  • Bio00


    3 years ago

    What's your favorite video game easter egg?

  • TiamosLoren


    3 years ago

    Why do you include Mike in the AHTV shows?

    And like some of the above, can I get into a D&D session? I have 5 characters ready to rock.

  • IdkBlue

    IdkBlue Praise Newbs

    3 years ago

    Why are you so sexy? ;)

  • orpser


    3 years ago

    how did you get started making achievement videos

  • just1legend

    just1legend Tell Me When To Go

    3 years ago

    Hey is there any chance that I can get in a D&D Session?

  • physcomuffin


    3 years ago

    Fragger, why is it that when ever your in a video your always the one playing the game, never the one sitting there judging? Do you believe that ray is better than you? and lastly, who would win in a fight, a cyborg who has feelings for his master's love or a donkey ninja?
    your pal physcomuffin.

  • callMeNorth

    callMeNorth Only Mostly Evil

    3 years ago

    Ok, here's my question, what ever happened to the Gamer's Rapport? I found that a couple months back and I loved it, wish there had been more of it. Also do you know where that 8-bit intro came from? That song was awesome.

  • D3M0N1CB4T


    3 years ago

    What did you do before working for Achievement Hunter?

  • Enigma512


    3 years ago

    Why you not A team?

  • Klaw1337


    3 years ago

    Would you even attempt to get all the dog tags in MGS 2?