Oh snap

3 years ago

Mary shouldn't post interviews while she's drunk. Jus' sayin; smiley8.gifsmiley12.gif


count the typos

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  • Fizz


    3 years ago

    Congratulations with you entry!

  • Juicebox_Hero

    Juicebox_Hero Elevathor is Worthy

    3 years ago

    Wait, you're not a Burnie look-a-like?

  • theiviaster


    3 years ago

    LOL out loud

  • Reaper86


    3 years ago

    I must be drunk too cuz I read it perfectly. o_O

  • SailorTweek

    SailorTweek Queen of Coffee

    3 years ago

    I had to post it via phone. My internet is being a big jerk face!!! Let me know what the typos are so I can fix them when I get my connection back up XD