Bye Bye Best Of Series

1 year ago

Most of you have noticed my "Best Of Series" has been taking down, all due from Copyright claims by Rooster Teeth

So I guess it's the end of that ride.

It was a fun year making all those videos for you, but I guess it's over now

Comments (4)

  • Adam_Dos_0


    1 year ago

    That sucks. smiley2.gif

  • Jb_ShadowNinja

    Jb_ShadowNinja Slightly Lateral

    1 year ago

    Surely it can only be an issue if you was making money off them...

  • BlitzingFire


    1 year ago

    It's probably just the f****ked up copyright system doing it on purpose. If you can contact them they will probably remove the flag

    • HeroTCM


      1 year ago

      To take them all at once I doubt it