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    • C16H14N2O

      Official Medical Update

      3 years ago

      Even with all the progress I've made... the official word as of yesterday is:

      "Continues to have severe memory loss, expressive aphasia and visual field loss s/p CVA"

      Thank goodness for journal posts and the ample time it takes to form these thoughts/expressions into words.

    • C16H14N2O

      On The Move

      3 years ago

      I'm all over today... Roosterteeth, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube.

      Some of you get to see extra snippets of my thoughts and meanderings. Unlike those who "pfft" at the thought of my presence. Yeah... I know you're out there... I can feel the spit from your "pfft", haha!

      If I had a cat, I'd call it "pfft". I'd just have to find a way to get it to come to me, other than by it's name. People could look into it's cute little kitty eyes asking what it's name is and I'd tell 'em "the name is pfft", then they'd call him pfft and the cat would pfft right back at them, lmao!

    • C16H14N2O

      E Pluribus Funk

      3 years ago

      Must be on a rocker related venture of late, as far as my journal entries are concerned.

      Just listened to Grand Funk Railroad's LP "E Pluribus Funk", from 1971. This album brings back so many memories. Of a time, place and music in general as well.

      I've always found a warm place in the works of an LP album. Not only in it's musical sense but, overall. From the music to the vinyl and the artwork. Sad I gave away my collection just a few short months ago.

      Back in the day (late 60s to early 70s?), it was so cool to find albums with the black light decor. Those vinyls that were pressed and bestowed that colorful art that could only be seen on the actual black surface, under a black light.

      Also, finding the rare inscriptions written, usually free-handed by those unknown to us, who would place a notation in the smooth surface of the vinyl, appearing at the end of the last groove.

      The artwork of a record album. A lost classic in design artwork. It's just not the same with other media standards such as a compact disc. And even more so, in my opinion, the inner sleeve which always seemed to reveal a surprising treat. A portrait, posters, extras, even the lyrics and thank you's!

      Whoever may be in possession of that long lost double album with what you think may be dust, dirt or some sort of debris in the crease... stop! Relish it and keep it restored as it is so much... a place caught in time itself.

    • C16H14N2O


      3 years ago

      Why do pills come in so many different shapes, sizes, inscriptions and colors?

      Why do I seemingly have at least one of each?

      Why do I take one of them three at a time?

      There's too much variety and not enough uniformity. It's bad enough I can barely fit all I have at one time in my mouth. I occasionally can get all of 'em in without incident but occasionally one goes astray and I have to identify and locate it.. or it shoots straight to my throat and depending on which one it is, either lodges in my throat momentarily or sticks to the side not wanting to go down.

      OK, it's something to amuse myself by as I'm easily amused anyway. :)

    • C16H14N2O


      3 years ago

      I think things would be a lot simpler if I did away with washing dishes and used disposable kitchen utensils... paper and plastic products.

      Judging by our monthly utilities, I might save on expenses.

      Bet Ken and Barbie never had this issue.

      ... Wonder how the family would react to paper doll clothing ..

    • C16H14N2O

      Winner Today at Daytona: #0 Rain

      3 years ago

      Since rain ruled the Daytona 500 today, thought I would update my RT journal.

      Remind me to change my pictures too! Been gone for a while so I'm all 'out of date'.

      Well... recovery is continuing to go along rather smoothly. Still have the nagging issue with numbers and at times, vocabulary. Which you won't be able to tell the difference in my writings (I hope). What you will not see, is how long it takes for me to put this journal into words. :)

      Had an impromptu visit to my doctor on Friday. Been having an issue with my arm, which was also related somewhat to my physical therapy and/or equilibrium. Making a long story short... my doctor had to do some minor surgery in her office on my arm.

      Add two pills to my already enhanced pill box. I had just got rid of an antibiotic and she added it back onto my regimen. Along with vicodin. That brings the daily total of medications back up to 13 per day! And now they're spread all over a 24 hour period. Just when I think I have my schedule down pat... I have to adjust. This doesn't help my thought process at all ... or does it? It's a work in progress I guess.

      At least I didn't have knee surgery to contend with, like a local news personality has to contend with (Kjerstin Ramsing). That sounds so painful. More so than what I'm going through. Hope your recoup goes well Kjerstin. Patience is very important in the recovery process. If I didn't have short term memory problems, I would have lost my patience long ago, haha! I laugh a lot, which goes a long way with me.

      Of all the medication I have to take... laughter is the best. Good luck K-jerstin. :)

    • C16H14N2O

      The Envelope Please!

      3 years ago

      This must be "super mail week". Three days in a row, I've sent out snail mail. Postal service is having funding issues so I guess my stamps are helping their cause, dunno!

      Been so long since I've used the service myself, I'd forgotten how to construct an envelope. :)

      Wasn't sure which corner the stamp is supposed to be located, then when I licked it (self sticking stamp)... it was placed upside down. The liberty bell resembled a bowl so I knew something was wrong. Then, I managed to get what seems to be the last box of envelopes produced back in the 70's I think. I used scotch tape to secure the flap. Hey! would you lick an envelope that looked to have been sitting around for 35 years? Laugh... it's funny!


    • C16H14N2O


      3 years ago

      Nope ... not SB XVLI ... Groundhog Day festivities


      UPDATE: Phil proclaims... "six more weeks of winter it must be".

    • C16H14N2O


      3 years ago

      When in Rome .... wait! But we aren't in Rome. This is Indianapolis, Indiana.

      Why are the roman numerals for the Superbowl so huge? Everything is big in Texas... I can just imagine what things are like in Rome, ha! Enormous coliseums and such, right?

      We have the NFL Experience located in a convention center, not a coliseum, for Superbowl XLVI ('capital' 46, heh! for those keeping score). The game is being played in a stadium. Not what one could call a "coliseum". Some actually refer to is an oil can. :)

      I'm just pondering "stuff" at random concerning the Superbowl in Indy.

      How bout zip lines for everybody who has to work downtown? Teehee! Just throw some change in a bucket as you zip by, kinda like paying a toll. I said toll, not troll!

      Speaking of trolling ... I'll get off my ride now.

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    • ZenAku1268


      1 year ago

      YO! This is ABC123ABC123. Currently working on getting my old account back, forgot the password to it, AND the email used for it's recovery. Same old stupid kid you used to know LOL.

    • ThornCresent


      2 years ago

      Sorry My Father was sick and he died last April 2012...after that I was depressed and I moved to PA from AL. honesty with everything else that went on I kinda disappeared cause I couldn't keep up with everything...I'm Sorry T.T But I'm back for good this time. Going to be checking daily and keep up with things lols I have a ton to catch up on.

    • Killartist1


      3 years ago

      Hey you! how you been :)? I hope your doing good. Yes I know I can write to you on fb lol

    • reSpawn


      3 years ago

      ...cool, I'll have to look into it. smiley1.gif

    • ABC123ABC123


      3 years ago

      Duuude! Long time no see man!

    • kristen


      3 years ago

      I hear it's your birthday! I hope you have a great one. I also hope you can enjoy a beer today! smiley1.gif

    • BornAssassin


      3 years ago

      I did and continue to do so. I love when I tell people that the American Thanksgiving was an indirect attempt of a eight day Jewish holiday. Hahahahaa!!!!!

    • kaylasw91


      3 years ago

      Well, they are an alternative band. When they play thier original music. When they play covers it's what ever. How ever, you have never seen him at any other shows. He doesn't usually dress down for those...

      It's sequins and feathers everywhere... But ya, the band doesn't really have an official look or anything. They just sort of wear what ever they want. Like Anthony and his mummer costumes. But I wasn't complaining, He looks so good when he dresses up in a shirt and tie. :)

    • kaylasw91


      3 years ago

      Yes, that was my Anthony playing bass. Long hair and red dress shirt all the way. Ha ha.

    • kaylasw91


      3 years ago

      I've been doing ok. Looking for a job but it's not working out too well. Money is tight and all.