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      Laughter is the Best Medicine

      3 years ago

      Had an awesome time playing Peggle with a friend tonight on XBL. He lives many many many miles away, but he made me laugh harder than I have laughed in MONTHS. How I needed to laugh!

      My internship is finished, I'm struggling to figure out what to do about jobs and my future, and I was supposed to get married 2 months from now. But I was laughing so hard that tears were pouring out of my eyes. I was happy, uninhibited, and felt like myself again, and I still feel this way as I'm writing this! This is a very positive breakthrough.

      Thank you to everyone around here that makes me smile- even if it is just a funny journal or comment post that I read on your page. You help me get through tough stuff with laughter, and that is the very best medicine. smiley12.gif

    • DinoBeth

      "Would your 10 year old self be proud of who you are now?"

      3 years ago

      This is an amazingly profound question that my friend posted on fb that has really made me think.

      Let's be honest. We are probably not sure. I know I'm not.


    • DinoBeth


      3 years ago

      So, I have about a month left of my internship before I am officially finished. I can't believe that it is almost over and that I may become even more at a crossroad then I already am if I end up having to find a job somewhere else. Hopefully I can stay here, there is a job opening in the summer, but things in life aren't perfect and I have learned in a very hard way not to expect anything.

      I had a wonderful bible study group that I have been studying with, but had to leave them due to the leader of the group cornering me in his car and trying to take advantage of me. I will miss studying with the people that I do care about in the group, and I seriously hate having to start over from scratch trying to find another friend circle. And as if I haven't experienced enough pain recently, I had to have something like this reconfirming to me that some guys you come to trust can really screw you over.

      My grandma passed away February of 2011, and about a week ago her house that has been in our family for almost 4 generations has been sold. Having to say goodbye to that house and the beautiful garden my great-grandmother planted before I was even born, has been very hard. Her house is right on the river, in one of the prettiest neighborhoods you could ask for, and the sunrises outside of my grandma's bedroom window would take your breath away. If I had all the money to have purchased and kept the house I would have.

      My wonderful roommate Sacred is moving to Atlanta tomorrow for a great job opportunity and getting to reunite with her sister. I will miss her so much, and it will be a big adjustment coming to an empty apartment without her. She has been the best roommate and support I could have ever asked for, and as happy as I am for her, I am so sad to see her go. Thank you for everything Melissa. smiley12.gif

      And so, here I am, working my ass off and wondering where my life is going. I experience a lot of moments wondering who I am anymore and realizing just how drastically different I am now than I was less than 6 months ago. Who am I? Who will I be? Why are all of these things happening at this point in my life? What is God's plan for my life? What am I supposed to be doing that I may not be doing? I am hoping so much that things get better soon.

      In the meantime, I had a wonderful person email me that cared and it has made such a difference in my life today. This is exactly what I need. Something so simple as to say I wish to get to know you better because you are a great person, is like a breath of fresh air. I hope that this continues to grow and that my worries will do the opposite.

      This was merely a release of emotions, and although not many people follow me or may be able to even read this whole thing, I appreciate that you made it to the end. Most people won't see this post, but I just needed to write it.

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      3 years ago


      How's everyone's weekend going?? Who are you going for in the Super Bowl??

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      Tired? Stressed from the day?

      3 years ago

      Watch this video, and watch the tension melt away. I think I could watch and listen to this all day.


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      Resemblance much?

      3 years ago


      Did I ask for my hair to look like Tangled? No.

      Am I glad that it does? HELL YES. smiley12.gif

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      Oh Hello There!

      3 years ago

      Oh geez. I haven't written a journal since...July?


      So, I moved. Not too far though! I'm in Orlando now doing a Child Life internship until the end of April. Seriously LOVE the hospital and the people that I work with! To top off the awesome, I am currently living with Sacred at least until my internship is over. Crossing my fingers that this will eventually become a permanent job here since there are a couple positions opening up in the summer including Pediatric Outpatient Surgery, or the Pediatric Bone Marrow Transplant Unit.

      Oh, and I graduated from UF in December too! Woot!

      Drastically cut my hair as well!

      Got plenty of more updates for you...but it would seriously take more than a page! So if you are interested, just ask. :)

      How is everyone doing?!? Updates? Amazingness happening in your lives? I hope so <3 Tell me about it!

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      Child Life and Child's Play

      4 years ago


      I just wanted to mention to everyone that Child's Play is really legit. On the last day of my Child Life practicum we got a package directly from Child's Play which shipped a box load of video games for our Child Life Program! There must have been at least 40 games, all ranging from xbox, PS3, PS2, gameboy, and the D.S. It was so cool to be able to see a charity that I know some of Jeff's friends do, and that some of you do as well, actually being direct and personal to each individual Child Life Program!! Child's Play, Caps for Kids, Make a Wish Foundation, and Children's Miracle Network all make a difference in these children's lives everyday. I've never seen charities so direct before and it is definitely a profound thing to experience.

      Thank you guys for all that you do!!! It really does make a difference!!!

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