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  • Achievement Hunter

    Shenanigans: Cleaning Out. Breaking In.

    4 days ago

    No one is safe. Lock your doors. Who cares? Hide your belongings? We'll find them! Everything you love... and leave everywhere... is about to be thrown back in your face!

    ...or your office...

  • Dave Occasionally Bearded

    New Feature - Questions!

    4 days ago

    We've implemented a new feature that allows users to ask questions to each other! Fun!

    Asking Questions:

    On any profile page, you'll see a "Questions" tab. You can click that to ask that user a question as well as see all questions they've answered previously! When that user answers your question, you'll get a notification. Super simple! Also, don't expect to see your question anywhere until they actually answer it.

    Answering Questions:

    You'll receive a notification when someone asks you a question. We may be adjusting this in the near future as we get a feel for how you all end up using this feature.

    On your profile page, you'll see that same "Questions" tab. When you visit it on your own profile you'll see a "Manage my Questions" button. That'll take you to a list of all questions awaiting your response. Once you answer a question, it's removed from this list. That easy!

    If you don't want to answer a specific question, you can just delete it from that page by clicking on the trashcan icon. Don't worry, no one will know you deleted it. It'll be our little secret.

    After answering a question, you can edit your answer (because we all maek typos smotimes). On your "Questions" tab, each item will have a "Show Admin Tools" option. Clicking this will give you options to edit your answer, or unpublish it.

    Unpublishing an answer is a quick way to remove it from public view, but not actually delete it. Unpublishing an answer will drop it back on the "Manage my Questions" list.

    Going Forward:

    This is a brand new feature we've been wanting to give you all for some time now. That said, there's a lot more going on then one may think, and we're going to be adjusting/tweaking/updating it as we go, depending on how people use it. Feel free to let us know what you like, don't like, or any suggestions on how we could make it better by commenting to this post.

  • Five Facts

    Five Facts At Freddy’s

    5 days ago

    Michael and Gavin team up to bring you this week’s Five Facts!

  • Let's Play

    Halo 5: Warzone

    5 days ago

    WAR?! What is it good for? To prove how bad the AH crew is at Halo.

  • How To

    Emily Wants to Play

    5 days ago

    Joel and Adam got back from playing the Division and Joel said, “HEY ALEC. I got you this tiny bag of nuts from the airplane. I actually ate everything but the cashews.” I told him I was allergic to cashews. He just replied, “That’s a hilarious joke. Here! Keep editing all of these hilarious videos while I go surf with kangaroos in Australia for a few weeks.” In this video Adam and Joel deliver pizza to a family just moving into their new place. I should not eat these nuts, but I’ve run out of office plants.

  • Let's Play

    Let's Watch - The Witness

    6 days ago

    I have never been in an elevator with Jonathan Blow. None of the Achievement Hunter crew has.

    I would have liked to have been in an elevator with Jonathan Blow sometime between 2011 and one week ago. I want to hear Jonathan Blow's elevator pitch for The Witness before having played the Witness.

    Since this will never happen, now I can only find joy in pretending I was in an elevator with Jonathan Blow. Maybe it was Christmas Eve 2013. Hell, I'd even take Arbor Day 2012.

    "The Witness," I can imagine he'd start, "Is Professor Layton, only with no story. No charming cast of characters to enjoy. Just you, all by yourself, on an island. Also, you know how Professor Layton has a large variety of puzzles? Nope! Lines. Line for days. You're gonna be drawing lines 'til the cows come home. Except there are no cows in the game, so I guess you won't stop drawing lines! And believe you me. As soon as the game releases, every single 'games journalist' out there will be jizzing- yes, literally jizzing at my feet."

    I wanted to hear that pitch. I wanted to tell Jonathan that he blows. But we never shared an elevator. And now The Witness is out. And now I've played it. And it's really damn good.

    ...witness it.

  • Play Pals

    Lovers In A Dangerous Space Time - #45

    6 days ago

    I believe in a thing called love

    Just blast the hell outta those bees

    There's a chance Gav and Michael could

    Be the saviors of bunnyhood

    They believe in a thing called love!


  • Let's Play

    GTA V - Snipers VS Stunters 2

    6 days ago

    The boys are back in Snipers VS Stunters, with special guest Malik! They'll fly through the air with grace only to be shot in the face and forcibly ejected from their vehicles.